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The native soil beneath your home’s landscape plays an important role in how the plants and grass on your property thrive. Top dressing services, combined with overseeding treatments to keep the grass thick and seamless, can result in a picture-perfect green lawn throughout the growing season. Compost services provide your landscape plans with the additional nutrients they need and create the foundation for what ideal landscape maintenance looks like for your home. Wake County, North Carolina, sits just to the west of the line between two of our state’s soil zones: Piedmont and Coastal Plain. As a result, Apex, North Carolina, is home to red clay. It creates a rich growing medium for a wide variety of plants. However, it can also be a bit difficult for new and young plants because of its heaviness and thickness. Some Piedmont region areas still have a foot-deep topsoil layer of loamy earth, but others need a bit of replenished topsoil to help plants cultivate healthy root systems. That’s where compost top dressing comes in. Our team will add a rich layer of soil to your property annually or as needed. With a fresh top dressing installation delivering a layer of well-draining organic matter to lawns, homeowners can see more vibrant grass with better root systems and healthy blades. Compost top dressing can also improve soil conditions for fresh plantings, annual flowers, and trees.

At Leapfrog Landcare, we specialize in delivering high-quality lawn and tree treatments that align with each of our client’s unique landscape and soil needs. Our team is committed to delivering sustainable lawn treatments and care that can boost your curb appeal and make your landscape thrive. Receive personalized care and attention with every service appointment, and enjoy organic-based, locally designed treatments that keep your landscape safe for children and pets while cultivating vibrant and healthy plants. Contact us today to learn more about our compost top dressing program and additional lawn care services.

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High-quality composting treatments enrich the soil and provide grass and plants with missing minerals and nutrients. Combined with ongoing landscaping services and care, you can come home to a naturally thriving landscape you’ll love season after season. When your lawn and landscaping plants can grow healthy roots, they can help hold the soil in place, keep pests at bay, and more actively protect your property’s entire landscape. With Leapfrog Landcare, you receive more than sustainable and organic-based treatments. We also give each of our clients:

Personal attention

We care about building long-term relationships with our clients, and we take pride in delivering convenient, reliable services that keep each landscape in great health.

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We use sustainable practices and organic-based treatments so you can have peace of mind.​

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Get specific appointment times and reliable arrivals for every single appointment. Weather permitting, we work hard to show up on time and have the same crew at your property.

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Visit our online portfolio to see the difference compost top dressing can make. You’ll see thriving plants, rich green grass, and healthy trees on every landscape because of ongoing, organic-based treatments and reliable care.

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