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You don’t have to spend your weekend or your evenings maintaining your lawn to enjoy eye-catching, jewel-green grass throughout the growing season. Instead, you can drive up to grass that’s just as healthy and well-nurtured as the green at Knights Play Golf Center. At Leapfrog Landcare, we provide our Apex, North Carolina, clients with personalized lawn care treatment programs that feature effective, organic-based treatments and practices that encourage healthy root growth. Choose from carefully cultivated lawn care plans like our 100% organic program, which uses compost tea, organic fertilizers, and no weed control chemicals so your family has a naturally green and safe lawn. We also offer our popular Better Grass Package, which combines 70% organic treatments with 30% weed control regimens so you have a seamlessly green lawn that’s picture-perfect.

No matter what personalized plan is the right fit for your lawn, budget, and preferences, you get the benefit of our long-term expertise in Raleigh-area lawns and cutting-edge scientific research into what makes grass thrive. We use best practices like corn gluten-free pre-emergents that don’t stunt grass root growth, a blend of nutrient and cutting treatments to create ideal growing conditions, and ongoing fungal and pest control so you love your lawn all season long. Then in the fall, we prepare fescue lawns with aeration and overseeding treatments, a compost top dressing, and other proactive care. No matter what season is around the corner in Apex, North Carolina, contact Leapfrog Landcare for healthy green grass.

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Bright green grass can make your home the envy of the neighborhood and boost your curb appeal. But healthy lawns do more than look great. They can stave off fungus, weeds, and pests, as well as protect soil from erosion and cracking. A well-maintained lawn is a key part of a healthy landscape during every part of the year. At Leapfrog Landcare, we serve all of our clients with organic lawn care treatments and carefully chosen plans so their property thrives. Along with our lawn and landscaping expertise, we provide:

Personalized services you won't find anywhere else

We're committed to providing long-term services you can trust. We'll treat your property with respect, offer a diverse range of organic and synthetic treatments that fit your goals, and proactive maintain your lawn's health.

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We schedule efficient appointments, not appointment windows, because we value your time. Look forward to consistent treatments, appointments, and crews.

Sustainability-minded landscaping

We use organic-based treatments to keep your lawn and landscape safe for your family and pets.

A Vibrant Well-Maintained Lawn Makes All the Difference

Browse our online gallery to see how our organic treatments can help your lawn develop thick green grass throughout the seasons. You can also find inspiration for landscaping plants, new additions, and landscape designs.

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For lawn care treatment clients, as well as landscape design and installation clients, we'll walk your property with you to discuss the project and develop your ideas with you.

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Regardless of the type of services we’re providing, you'll be notified consistently about when we’ll arrive, when we leave, and we’ll suggest options that you may want to consider based on our ongoing assessment of your property or project.

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