After Care Instructions

Sod Installations

It is very important that your new sod be watered in. Immediately after installation, water your new lawn deeply, until it penetrates 3-4” into the soil. This may require watering for 15-20 minutes, turning off the sprinklers for a little while and then watering again. For the first big watering this will allow water to penetrate the soil and soak in instead of just running off. To ensure and to help the sod root into the soil (2 weeks at most) provide daily watering or more frequent watering to maintain constant moisture in the sod layer. More frequent watering may be required if hot, dry, or windy weather conditions.

DO NOT water to the point that there is standing water in the sod or the water is making a river. Watering too much can be just as harmful as not watering enough. Once the sod has taken root, you can transition to deeper, less frequent watering. We recommend that you water in the morning, preferably before 10 am. Once the new sod is established it is recommended that your lawn gets 1 inch of water a week. Do not water if we have gotten rain and it was 1 inch or more. You can split up that watering to about 10-15 minutes a day about 3 days a week.

Mow your new sod soon as it needs to be mowed soon after installing. Be careful not to displace the pieces of sod or leave footprints in the grade. Be careful not to take off more than ⅓ off the blade height at any one time. Your sod will need regular mowing after installation.