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Enjoy the natural beauty of Cary, North Carolina’s trees, evergreens, and shrubs in your own landscape with customized tree and shrub care that protects your plants and your property. Tall, leafy trees can add pleasant shade to your home or outdoor living space, and well-maintained shrubs can frame the front of your home for long-lasting curb appeal. The warm and temperate climate in Cary, North Carolina, makes it the perfect place for everything from towering pines and maples to slender cypress trees.

Combined with artful pruning and shaping, these trees can frame your home with vibrant foliage all year long. Add even more color with hydrangeas, nandinas, and crisply pruned shrubs that deepen your landscape with geometric layers. Cultivating the shape and health of your trees and shrubs is easier than ever with Leapfrog Landcare’s customizable services.

Opt for seasonal pruning that takes pruning off your to-do list, or clean up your landscape with single pruning appointments. Our team includes a certified arborist who can monitor and inspect the health of your trees, and a certified plant professional who can ensure your shrubs, hedges, and trees have the right treatment plan for every season. Contact us today to learn more about our tree & shrub care services in Cary, North Carolina!

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Certified Arborist and Certified Plant Professional on Staff

Professional shrub and tree care will make your landscape beautiful, well-maintained, and healthy for years to come. Preventative care can even protect your property from storm-damaged branches and potential tree pest infestations. Our complete array of tree and shrub services includes pruning, tree fertilization treatments, pest and disease control measures, and more. When you choose Leapfrog Landcare to take care of your plant care and treatments, you get our commitment to old-fashioned service. This includes: 

Prompt customer service

We respond to questions and inquiries within 24 hours. If we need to send a tree and shrub specialist to your property, we also promise to be on time and communicate with you about any delays. Every appointment has a set time, not a wide appointment window.

A sustainable approach to landscaping

Our local, family-owned company is committed to serving our community. We tailor our approaches to the specific climate and soil conditions of your property. You can also choose our organic approaches to lawn care for child- and pet-safe lawns.

See How Professional Pruning and Shaping Adds Layers of Beauty

to Landscapes in Cary, North Carolina

Enjoy shapely trees, manicured shrubs, and a landscape that is beautifully maintained season after season. Explore our online gallery to see how our teams treat properties for our past and present clients.

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Is Easier Than Ever

Your landscaping project should be enjoyable, and we strive to make it that way by providing a transparent process that we’ve honed over the years to achieve exceptional results. This is how to get started:

Get In Touch

Give us a call or fill out our contact form. This will help us understand what types of services you're looking for. We’ll discuss options and pricing with you and if you’re looking for landscape installation services, we’ll schedule a meeting with you at your property. If you’re interested in lawn care services, we can simply drive-by your property to evaluate your needs.

On-Site Visit

For lawn care treatment clients, as well as landscape design and installation clients, we'll walk your property with you to discuss the project and develop your ideas with you.

Plan Presentation

After our meeting with you, you’ll receive an estimate within 2 business days if you’re interested in landscape maintenance or lawn care. While landscape enhancement services may take longer, we provide prompt delivery of those estimates within 3-5 business days.

Agreement Signing

When you approve your detailed quote, you'll be able to sign your contract online through our convenient client portal and choose one of our flexible payment options.

Installation and Work

Regardless of the type of services we’re providing, you'll be notified consistently about when we’ll arrive, when we leave, and we’ll suggest options that you may want to consider based on our ongoing assessment of your property or project.

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Finding a landscaping company you can trust should be easy. That’s why we provide high-quality lawn care, landscape maintenance and installation, and more. You can trust our crews to take excellent care of your garden beds and plantings, your seasonal lawn care needs, and even landscaping improvements and renovations, all within a single company devoted to excellent customer service and sustainability. Talk to us today to create a comprehensive care plan, or browse our main services page to learn more.

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Keeping your trees and shrubs professionally pruned ensures their long-term health and beauty. You can protect your property from potential pests and damage, create a polished look for your home, and effortlessly maintain your curb appeal. Contact us today to let us know what you’re looking for and to schedule an on-site visit.