Commonly Asked Questions

Preventative Brown Patch & Fungal

Can my kids and dogs play in my yard after you treat it?

We are an organic based company that tries to provide a safe environment for kids and your pets. Our treatments are about 70% organic and about 30% chemical. Unfortunately there is not an organic approach to fungal control/prevention. With all of our products once the grass is dry; you, your kids and your pets are safe to enjoy the yard. Typically, about 45 minutes, depending on weather conditions that day.

When should I mow?

We recommended not mowing for at least two days after this treatment is performed. This allows the treatment to truly get into the soil. However, treatment will still be effective if you mow after treatment and the grass clippings are left on the lawn. Per studies performed by NC State, the solution stays on the blades of grass when it is clipped. As the blade of grass decomposes, the treatment solution is also breaking down into the soil.

As you get ready to start mowing for spring please remember that one of the BIGGEST things to help the health of the lawn is to mow at the proper height.

For Fescue lawns it is recommended to mow them at 3- 4 inches; 4 inches is the preferred height though. However, some residential lawn mowers may not go up to 4 inches. If you can stand your drivers license up on end in your Fescue grass and the grass is not taller than your license, then your grass is way too short.

For warm lawns it’s recommended 2-2.5 inches. not all residential lawn mowers go to 2 inches, if that’s the case we’ve found warm lawns are still very happy maintained at 2.5 inches.

We can do all of the treatments in the world, but if your grass is not kept at the right height then your grass will still struggle.

Also, keep in mind that mower blades are like razor blades, they get dull. If you have ever shaved with a dull razor blade it rips vs. cuts and it hurts. If you ever mow with a dull blade, it rips instead of cuts and it damages the grass blade. As a homeowner it is recommended to sharpen or change your blades at least once a year for healthy grass.

Do I need to water this treatment in?

It is recommended that the lawn gets at least 1/2 inch of water within the next two weeks to get the pre emergent to filter down to the level it needs to be in the soil to give best results. Usually we can count on rain to give us the necessary water, but if we don’t get much rain within the next two weeks you should plan on watering the lawn.

What happens if it rains before/during/after a treatment?

The majority of our treatments (such as this one) do need to be watered in to help it’s effectiveness, so rain helps your water bill and saves you time. The water will help wash the solution down into the soil, getting to the roots of the plants and seeds that are still in the soil. If it is a flood, yes we may have concerns. If the tech performs while it is a drizzle out, still fine and helps water the solution into the soil. If it is pouring down rain, our guys usually prefer to stay in the truck and not get their hair wet.

We all keep a constant watch on the weather, most of us have 3 or more weather apps on our phones. We do not want to perform a treatment, mowing service, or landscape job if we question the effectiveness of it or if we have any concern that it may damage the lawn. As many of you know, we will reschedule immediately with the chance of heavy rain.

Is this treatment for my landscape beds?

No. This treatment is for the lawn only.

We do offer fungal treatments for tree(s) and shrub(s), along with numerous other treatments of trees, shrubs, and landscape beds.

How can I stay up to date on information?

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