Commonly Asked Questions

Hybrid Better Grass Fescue

Is this package Organic?

This package is our hybrid program which offers less applications of weed control than our Better Grass package. For our hybrid Fescue package we apply 2 rounds of Pre & Post Emergent in the Spring, and all other treatments are fully natural. 

What about my kids and dogs playing in my yard after you treat it?

We are an organic based company that tries to provide a safe environment for kids and your pets. Our treatments are about 70% organic and about 30% chemical. Unfortunately there is not an organic approach to controlling weeds that is feasible for us to use. With all of our products once the grass is dry; you, your kids and your pets are safe to enjoy the yard.

What is Compost Tea?

Compost Tea is a liquid treatment that helps change the soil structure by adding beneficial microbes to the soil. We use the most advanced, cutting edge technology available to brew the best Compost Tea possible to put in your lawn.

Will I know that you are coming out?

For lawn treatments we follow the outline listed in your original quote. If you would like more notification, we can send you an email, text, or call at least 24 hours to us coming out. If you do have a fence that is kept locked or pets that are in and out of the house during the day, we would prefer to notify you of treatments. That way gates can be unlocked and pets can be kept safely inside. If you would like these notifications, contact the office!

If you are notified of treatments and we are unable to treat due to gate being locked, dog being out, etc; We may skip treatment or charge extra to come back out.

What is the recommended mowing height for Fescue?

We recommend that Fescue be mowed at about 4 inches. Mowing too low, especially in hot summer months, can stress out the grass leading to other issues. Letting it get too high can also cause damages and unknowingly promote weed growth.

Will you guys clean up debris on my lawn prior to treating?

If there is a light amount of leaves on your lawn, we will lightly blow of the lawn. If there is a heavy amount of leaves, we will not treat. To keep treatment prices down, we do not factor in yard clean up into your price. We do offer this, at an additional cost. In the Fall, when the amount of leaves are their heaviest, we notify everyone at least a week prior to treatment. That way there is plenty of time for you to clean up the lawn or have us come do it for you.

If there are one or two toys or lawn furniture, we will pick up and move to a safe location. If there is an abundance of toys or furniture, we will not treat. We will notify you to let you know and either reschedule or skip that treatment. If we have to come out more than one time, we may have to charge extra for that treatment. If this common for your lawn, we ask that you let us know so we can add you to the notification list.

What are these big brown spots in my yard?

During the summer, you may notice brown spots in your lawn. If you notice this send us picture of it or we can send one of the guys out. It could be a fungal issue or just really dry. The hot and humid months are a prime breeding ground for fungus. Have no fear though, we have a treatment for that!

How can I better enhance my lawn outside of lawn treatments?

Mowing regularly, at an appropriate height, and watering are very simple ways to help your lawn. An extra service that you can opt for to give your lawn an added boost is aeration & seeding and/or compost top dressing. We perform this service in the Fall. Aeration helps decompact the soil, allowing oxygen to get into the soil and seeding helps refresh Fescue from the hot summer months. Compost top dressing is enriched compost that we will apply to the lawn, changing the soil structure for the better. Let us know if you are interested in this service and would like an estimate!

How will I receive an invoice and how do I pay it?

We will email or mail you an invoice after each service. Just let the office know your preference! You can pay by mailing check, with credit card over the phone, or online. We accept all major credit cards. We can also set up a card on file that we charge after each service we do or at the end of the month for services rendered. Once we apply the credit card payment to your account, a transaction receipt will be sent to you via email. Let us know your preference and we will get you set up appropriately!

Will my yard be weed free?

Most likely not. We want to be completely honest with you. Very few lawns and golf courses are truly weed free because no one can control how weeds can get on the lawn. Weeds can be blown in by wind, washed in from rain, dropped in by birds, neighbors, city/town trucks, etc. Weeds are hardy little pests that can stay in the lawn for up to 10 years, even with lawn treatments. According to NC State, one crabgrass plant puts out about 25,000 seeds in one season. However, with consistent treatments and proper lawn maintenance, weeds will be minimized over time. One thing to keep in mind as well, the weedier your lawn was when we started, the longer it will take to minimize those weeds.

What if I sign up for a service and decide later that I want to hold off?

You can add or take off services at anytime! We ask that you just let us know as soon as possible. If you sign up for aeration and seeding, we will always contact you prior to scheduling. For regular treatments such as, lawn treatments, preventative brown patch treatments, grub control, etc, we will come out and treat as normal unless we hear from you.

How can I stay up to date on information?

Like us on Facebook & Instagram! We post timely updates of things we notice while in the field. Also, look out in your email. We will send out informative emails when we are about to start new services.

If you are notified of treatments and we are unable to treat due to gate being locked, dog being out, etc; We may skip treatment or charge extra to come back out .