Commonly Asked Questions

Pre Emergent in Landscape Beds

Can my kids and dogs play in my yard after you treat it?

This treatment is fully organic and is safe to be on as soon as it is applied. Please keep in mind, it is a fertilizer, so your dogs may REALLY love areas that it was applied

Do I need to water this treatment in?

IF we don’t get rain within a week of our application, it would be good to add water to help activate the treatment. 

What happens if it rains before/during/after a treatment?

The majority of our treatments (such as this one) do need to be watered in to help it’s effectiveness, so rain helps your water bill and saves you time. The water will help wash the solution down into the soil, getting to the roots of the plants and seeds that are still in the soil. If it is a flood, yes we may have concerns. If the tech performs while it is a drizzle out, this is still fine and helps water the solution into the soil. If it is pouring down rain, our guys usually prefer to stay in the truck and not get their hair wet.

We all keep a constant watch on the weather, most of us have 3 or more weather apps on our phones. We do not want to perform a treatment, mowing service, or landscape job if we question the effectiveness of it or if we have any concern that it may damage the lawn. As many of you know, we will reschedule immediately with the chance of heavy rain.

Will I know that you are coming out?

For lawn treatments we follow the outline from your original quote. If you would like more notification, we can send you an email, text, or call at least 24 hours to us coming out. If you do have a fence that is kept locked or pets that are in and out of the house during the day, we would prefer to notify you of treatments. That way gates can be unlocked and pets can be kept safely inside. If you would like these notifications, contact the office!

If you are notified of treatments and we are unable to treat due to gate being locked, dog being out, etc; We may skip treatment or charge extra to come back out.


Is this treatment for my lawn?

No, this treatment is for the landscape beds only.

Will my landscape beds be weed free?

Most likely not. We want to be completely honest with you. There are so many variables in getting rid of weeds. Use of pre and post emergent weed control is only one piece in the puzzle. Cultural controls such as regularly pulling weeds as well as irrigating properly, proper nutrition, and working on soil structure are all just as important. For example, one crabgrass plant puts out about 25,000 seeds in one season. That means there are now 25,000 new plants coming from that one plant. With weed control, your goal is to cut out a large percentage of that, but it would be impossible to control 100%. Each year though you are getting less and less weeds when you combine the proper treatment program with good cultural practices.

How will I receive an invoice and how do I pay it?

We will email or mail you an invoice after each service. Just let the office know your preference! You can pay by mailing check, with credit card over the phone, or online. We accept all major credit cards. We can also set up a card on file that we charge after each service we do or at the end of the month for services rendered. Once we apply the credit card payment to your account, a transaction receipt will be sent to you via email. Let us know your preference and we will get you set up appropriately!

How can I stay up to date on information?

Like us on Facebook & Instagram! We post timely updates of things we notice while in the field. Also, look out in your email. We will send out informative emails when we are about to start new services.

If you are notified of treatments and we are unable to treat due to gate being locked, dog being out, etc; We may skip treatment or charge extra to come back out .