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Contact Us

Leapfrog Landcare

Phone: (919) 427-3131
Email: service@leapfroglandcare.com
Mailing address: P.O. Box 5367, Cary NC  27512


We will perform one free landscape estimate for basic services. This includes a 30 minute consultation and a basic quote. Basic services for example are, lawn treatments, mowing, mulch, seasonal pruning, etc

If more time is needed for the consult and/or a more detailed estimate, we charge $60 with one free revision. For services such as planting, hardscapes, drainage, etc, it is considered a detailed estimate and will have a charge of $60 with one free revision. The office can let you know at the time of scheduling if the estimate requested requires a consult fee. 

If a second revision is needed on a detailed quote, we charge $60 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. This includes meeting on the property. 

If a drawing, sketch, design, outline, or mapping out a plot plan is requested, we charge $85 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. 

Payment must be rendered prior to any estimates, revisions, drawings, sketches, designs, outline, or mapping out a plot plan is sent. 

The cost of revised estimates will be applied to the final landscape balance, but is non refundable. 

Payment for landscape drawings, sketches, designs, outline, and/or mapping out a plot plan is non refundable and will not be applied to final landscape balance.