Questions & Answers About Lawns, Weed Control, Irrigation

Q: Are all the treatments necessary?

A: With each lawn we put together a basic program based on your lawns needs. This need varies from grass type, to soil type, to weather you want chemicals used on your lawn. Based on the information that we have the lawn care programs that we recommend are going to be the most effective treatments for your lawn. For best results to be gained we do recommend going with the full program that we lay out for you.

Q: If you do weed control will my yard be totally weed free?

A: No. With weed control you will get good control of the weeds in your lawn, but to have absolutely no weeds in a lawn is almost unheard of. There are so many variables in getting rid of weeds. Use of pre and post emergent weed control is only 1 piece of the puzzle. Cultural controls such as mowing at the proper height and the proper time as well as irrigating properly proper nutrition and working on soil structure are all just as important. For example 1 Crabgrass plant can put off up to 20,000 seeds in a season. That means there are now potentially 20,000 new plants coming from that 1 plant. With weed control your goal is to cut out a large percentage of that, but it would be impossible to control 100% of it. Each year though you are getting less and less weeds when you combine the proper lawn care program with good cultural practices.

Q: What if it rains or my irrigation runs after you do an application at my house?

A: Most of the applications that we do should be watered in. So typically there is no problem with it. However, there are some applications that we do that should have a drying time of 2-4 hours to be effective. If it rains or your irrigation runs before that drying time then we will come back and retreat your lawn. Normally if there has to be a drying time we will let you know so that you want run your irrigation too soon afterwards.

Q: Can you seed a Fescue lawn in the Spring?

A: No. Actually you can seed it and you probably will notice the grass will come up real fast. However, as soon as the 90 degrees days hit the grass will dry out and die because the roots didn’t have time to grow deep enough to sustain them. This usually ends up wasting time and money and gets no beneficial results. We recommend waiting until fall to seed Fescue lawns. Live with the bare spots for now, get the soil prepped right and in the Fall your results will be far superior.

Q: Should warm season grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia or Centipede be overseeded?

A: No. We don’t recommend overseeding warm season grasses. Warm season grasses grow totally different than Fescue grass. Aeration is still good for warm season grasses but then we recommend fertilizing them again to push more growth. Even more beneficial than just fertilizing it would be to do a mix of Compost and Sand Top Dressing. This puts good organic matter in the soil and warm season grasses love sand.

Q: What is Compost Tea?

A: Compost Tea is a liquid soil amendment that instantly goes to work balancing your soil structure and feeding your plants by releasing millions of microbes into your soil. It is actually brewed like Sweet Tea, except we brew it in a 300 gallon container with a really big tea bag full of compost! It has a motor attached too it with airtubes running through it. This brewing process helps create millions of beneficial microbes that are fed different organic nutrients such as kelp, humic acid and many other “secret” organic ingredients. Compost tea is sprayed onto your lawn, shrubs or trees and adds these beneficial Microbes to the soil and allows nature to go to work for you.

Q: What are the payment options?

A: We offer several ways to pay. You can pay for our services after each treatment is done. We also offer a budget friendly plan where you can pay the same amount each month throughout the year.
Or you can pay for the year worth of treatments in advance and get a 5% discount.

Pricing for the lawn is based off of square footage. If you have a yard that would normally be $51.43 per treatment and we do 7 treatments per year that would total $360 for the year.

If you prepaid for the year and took advantage of the 5% discount for doing so, you would actually only pay $342 for the year.

We do accept cash, check, credit card and paypal payments.

Q: How should I take care of my new plants, sod, or lawn?

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