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Looking for a lawn care solution you can trust? With the ideal service provider, you’ll come home to a crisply trimmed landscape, with clean edges around your garden beds and footpaths, the walkways swept clean, and not a single weed in sight. Your entire landscape will shine with a jewel-green lawn full of lush, healthy grass. North Carolina lawns can stay beautifully vibrant throughout long growing months so your landscape is picture-perfect and gives you month after month of curb appeal. 

The trick to a healthy lawn is professional lawn care treatment options that provide a mix of proactive and preventative care. Want to keep crabgrass off your property? Regular weed treatments can help keep it at bay, but a perennially healthy stretch of grass is also able to fend off weeds before they grow roots. Currently have yellow patches or sparse grass? Better soil treatments, drainage solutions, and overseeding regimens protect your lawn from these common signs of adverse growing conditions. You can enjoy an eye-catching lawn without having to lift a finger when you have professional lawn care treatments from Leapfrog Landcare.

At Leapfrog Landcare, our team of lawn experts has years of local experience providing top-tier lawn care treatments designed to help grass flourish while keeping weeds and other lawn pests away. Our complete lawn care services include organic-based treatment options that are safe for children and pets, as well as seven annual weed control treatments, organic fertilizer treatments that replenish nutrients in the soil, and transitional landscaping services to prepare your lawn for the growing and dormant seasons. Contact us today, and our team will come by to assess your Holly Springs, North Carolina lawn and create a custom care plan.

Homeowners Across Holly Springs, North Carolina,

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Complete Lawn Care Treatment Can Transform Your Landscape and Protect Your Soil

A beautiful landscape can transform the exterior of your home, making it the envy of the neighborhood through North Carolina’s long growing season. Your lawn will receive personalized care and attention that helps it thrive for maximum curb appeal. But a healthy lawn does more than look great. It can work as an active barrier against pests or weeds that would otherwise flourish in sparse grass or overgrown lawns. Enjoy your lawn’s potential to the fullest with Leapfrog Landcare and our unique approach to lawn care and landscaping.

  • We build long-term relationships based on trust:

    We’re here to answer all of your lawn care treatment questions and give you the level of service you expect. We start monitoring your lawn’s health from day one to ensure it makes measurable improvements treatment after treatment.

  • Get efficient and punctual appointments:

    We schedule appointment times, not wide-open appointment slots. Our crew will be punctual, and we try to send the same crew to your property each time.

  • Enjoy sustainable services:

    Leapfrog Landcare creates and uses sustainable landscaping practices that never sacrifice on either safety or effectiveness. Choose our organic-based services for a superior, eco-friendly lawn.


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A beautifully cared-for lawn makes all the difference. See how professional, organic-based lawn care can beautify your landscape. Visit our online gallery to see our commitment to detail and visible results.

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