There is nothing quite like the feeling of completing a landscaping job! Whether you want us to create a landscape plan from scratch, sharpen up an existing landscape bed or if you need a landscape makeover we can do it.  Please check out our Landscape Catalog here

Patios, sidewalks & retaining walls

Hardscaping is a fun way of adding substantial elements to your landscape. Hardscaping can truly change the way your landscape looks. You can take the dark side of your house which may be too shady to grow grass but too big to just leave natural and add in some flagstone steppers and fresh mulch and now you feel like you are getting ready to walk into a nice garden.

Patios are always a fun place in the landscape! Using simple designs with nice material can turn what would normally be a boring piece of concrete into an amazing piece of art that people want to hang out on! Add a firepit to it and BAM you’ve got a great spot that everyone will enjoy.

Retaining walls In NC we are known to have some rolling hills! If that rolling hill is in your back yard it may not be so fun. Unless you accentuate those rolling hills with some great retaining walls! You can go with something as basic 6×6 timbers up to a masterpiece of beautiful rock. The skys the limit of what you can do with retaining walls.


Thankfully in the area of North Carolina that we live you can plant year round. Whether it is popping in 1 or 2 small shrubs or planting 20 foot tall trees no planting job is too small or big. Plants are often planted wrong in our industry. We will make sure that the plant is installed at the proper depth and that the soil is amended properly around each plant. We will make sure that the root caller is at the proper height.

Annuals beds

Nothing adds to the landscape like the quick pop of color that an annual bed can add! Even a small color bed can make a huge difference. This can be a one time service or we can put you on a schedule where you do not have to think about it we come out at the appropriate time to change out your flowers throughout the year to keep a fresh colorful look year round. We can do this in an existing bed or create a new one.

Landscape lighting

Enjoy coming home to a beautifully lit up landscape. Landscape lighting can take what is normally just a dark home and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece. With accent lights showing the structure of the distinct trees and the architecture of your home.

We also help convert existing landscape lighting systems into LED systems. No need to reinvest in all new fixtures if you have a professional system in place. Many times we can just give the system a tune up by changing out the bulbs to LED’s and putting in new seals.

Mulch & Pine Straw

Mulch and landscaping go together like Peanut butter & Jelly! We do offer mulching services and can help guide you in picking out the right type of mulch for your property. One of the things that you will not find us doing is over mulching. Over mulching is unfortunately very common in our industry. It’s bad for the plants and bad for your wallet! We mulch appropriately for the plants that are in your landscape beds and based on how much of a base that you already have. Mulch is very important to plants, but, too much mulch is a BAD thing.


At this time we do not offer irrigation services. We do have several reputable companies that we would be happy to refer you to.


We will perform one free landscape estimate. This includes a 30 minute consultation and a basic quote. 

If more time is needed for the consult and/or a more detailed estimate, we charge $60 with one free revision. 

If a second revision is needed on a detailed quote, we charge $60 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. This includes meeting on the property. 

If a drawing, sketch, design, outline, or mapping out a plot plan is requested, we charge $85 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. 

Payment must be rendered prior to any estimates, revisions, drawings, sketches, designs, outline, or mapping out a plot plan is sent. 

The cost of revised estimates will be applied to the final landscape balance, but is non refundable. 

Payment for landscape drawings, sketches, designs, outline, and/or mapping out a plot plan is non refundable and will not be applied to final landscape balance. 

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