Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance – Mowing and Edging

Our basic service includes mowing all of the lawn areas. We edge all sidewalks, driveways, patios and hard surfaces (except for asphalt). We weed eat around any areas that the mower can’t get to. We blow off all hard surfaces.

Maintenance tips

Consistent mowing is 1 of the keys to a great lawn! A couple of other keys that are vital to the health of your lawn is mowing at the proper height for the type of grass that you have. Also using sharp blades and equipment with a strong enough motor so that those sharp blades cut clean instead of tearing the blade of grass.

Letting grass grow too long between cuts is horrible for the health of your grass. Whenever you take more than ⅓ of the blade of grass at a time it causes the grass to stress. Have you ever gone away for vacation and skipped a week of mowing and then mow the grass and what was a fabulous looking lawn before vacation now looks half dead for the next couple of months?

Mowing at the proper height is vital. It seems like a lot of folks want a lawn that looks like a putting green. Smooth, tight, great color. The only problem with that is putting greens have tens of thousands of dollars worth of preparation done below ground before that sod is ever laid on top of it. When it is laid it is usually a different type of grass than what is found in residential lawns too! Fescue grass should be mowed between 3 – 4 inches in height. (We prefer 4). Warm season grasses typically will be 2 ½ inches or less, depending on how smooth your soil is.

To mulch or not to mulch that is the question! According to multiple university studies it is best to typically mulch your grass clippings back on to your lawn. This basically means if you aren’t waiting to long in between cuts to mow and that you are using a sharp blade on a strong enough mower that you just let the lawn clippings fall right back down on the grass that you are mowing. Nothing feeds nature like nature! Those grass clippings will break down and filter right back into the soil and continue feeding the plant. Similar to how in the woods a tree feeds itself by dropping its leaves and letting the natural breakdown of the leaf take place.

We also offer pruning services which is discussed in more depth under the tree & shrub care section of our site.

Landscape Bed Maintenance

We can tailor several options to help with your landscape beds. Some folks want total bed maintenance meaning that they want trees & shrubs fertilized, insects and diseases controlled, pruning, weed control in the beds, landscape lighting maintained, mulch or pine straw and annual color beds changed out periodically. If you are looking for full service in that area or you just want one of those items addressed we are here to help.

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