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Natural Treatments for Persistent Insects

Reclaim your yard with our natural mosquito treatments. One of our licensed technicians will come out to your home and treat your property with a barrier spray that will kill adult mosquitoes on contact. As other mosquitoes enter your property and land on your trees & shrubs, the residue will kill them too. We will also use repellents that help to keep them away. 

Our most commonly used barrier spray is a derivative of Chrysanthemum plants. The same basic ingredient in this product can be found in a variety of household products, including shampoos to treat head lice on children. It’s also the same active ingredient that is found in flea and tick shampoo for pets.

While our mosquito sprays are safe we do recommend staying out of the treated area for 30 minutes, ultimately allowing the treatment to dry.

This natural based product will help control mosquitoes for 2-3 weeks. Most clients choose to have the treatments done about every 3 weeks. If you prefer very strong control of the mosquitoes, then we would recommend every 2 weeks.

Our organic program is great too, but this product does wear off a little faster and will last up to 2 weeks. It is compliant with the National Organics Program (NOP). This spray is safe to use around ponds and creeks as well. We can treat up to 1/3 of an acre for $65 per treatment with the organic product.

We also do Special Event treatments!! We will come out 1-3 days before your special event and treat the area with either our natural or organic spray. Your guests will appreciate being able to hang out without feeling like they are about to be carried away by mosquitoes! One time sprays are available starting at $65 for the natural product for 1/3 of an acre, or $85 for the organic spray for 1/3 of an acre.

Anytime when mosquitoes are active is a great time to start this program. However, you will get the best results by starting the program in early spring. This is because we will be able to keep the mosquito population low which means there aren’t as many reproducing. Mosquitoes reproduce about every 17 days, so the population will build quickly if left alone. Weather conditions are always adjusting, but for a normal spring we recommend starting in Mid April and continuing mosquito treatments up until October 1st.

Tick treatments

We also offer several treatments to control ticks. We recommend scheduling an appointment where we can come out and assess the area that needs to be treated. This will include asking you several questions about your needs, areas on the property that may have more tick presence, as well as questions regarding where wildlife move through your property.

As someone that grew up in the country and has had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever twice, I have to admit I enjoy killing ticks!

Flea treatments

Fleas can be pretty controlled by using the same products that are in the Mosquito treatment program.

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