Lawn Treatment


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Fertilization Lawn Treatment (Liquid and Granular)

Different types of grasses need different amounts of fertilizer. With this lawn treatment, we fertilize based off of the type of grass that you have and at the appropriate time frame needed. Be careful of companies that fertilize with every application! Studies have shown that fertilizing at the wrong time drastically increases the chance of disease in your lawn. One of the best ways to know how much fertilizer you need is to have a soil sample diagnosed with the NC Department of Agriculture.

Pre & Post Emergent Weed Control & Lawn Care

In this lawn treatment, pre-emergent weed control is what goes down before the weeds pop up. Timing of this is very important! Weed seed germinates based off of the soil temperature. If the pre-emergent is applied during the window of time that the soil temperature is right then it will not be effective. Pre-emergents will not keep every weed from coming up, but if applied properly it will cut back tremendously on the amount of weeds. Post emergent weed control is what is sprayed on the weeds that are already up. We rotate what we spray for weeds so that the weeds cannot build up a tolerance to the weed control.

Compost Tea Treatments

We truly believe this is a revolutionary treatment for your lawn. One of the biggest problems that we have in our area is compacted soil. Compost tea adds beneficial Microbes to the soil that go to work for you, permeating the soil and doing many other things to help get your lawn in great shape. Please check out the video that Harvard University did about Compost Tea.

Fungal treatments (such as Brown Patch in Fescue)


Aeration is vital with our clay soil. Aeration loosens the compaction of the soil which allows oxygen and water the ability to get to the roots easier. It also allows more space for the roots to expand. Aeration is good for all types of grasses but should be done at appropriate times.


This is what is done with Fescue lawns in the fall after they have been aerated. We use top quality seed blends that have been proven to perform best in our climate. We also use weed free seed! If you are buying your own seed we recommend reading the label to see what is actually in it. Just because it may be a name brand national company doesn’t mean that it is the right seed that you should be using. Also check the label to see how much weed seed is in there. Companies are required by law to put that on the seed bags. Weed free seed does cost more than seed that does have weeds in it. So, if you see a cheap bag of seed in the store be careful you may be setting your lawn up for a tough season by introducing more weed seed.

Slit Seeding

If lawns don’t have hardly any established grass we recommend slit seeding. This process puts the seed just slightly below ground which puts it in the right environment to start growing.

Compost Top Dressing

This lawn treatment is one of the best things that can happen to a yard. We recommend aerating the soil first and then putting on a layer of compost top dressing. This will filter into the aeration holes and start changing the soil structure.

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