Shrub Treatment

Our standard shrub program is a preventative one. Studies have shown if you keep a plant healthy through proper nutrition then it will stay healthy and be less succeptable to disease and insect problems. Our normal preventative program includes a granular, organic fertilization of the shrubs, a Compost Tea foliar treatment in May and a Compost Tea Soil drench in June or July.

Fungal treatment- while Compost Tea foliar treatments can help minimize fungal activity sometimes you need a little extra help. There are many shrubs in the landscape that are known to have fungal issues and we can help with that.

Japanese Beetle treatment- This is done on Roses, Crape Myrtles, Japanese Maples, Cherry trees and a few others that are prone to Japanese Beetle problems. This won’t eliminate the beetles, but it will help control them. (please don’t use the traps. That’s a bait that draws them to your property.)

Lace Wings, White Flies and Aphids-  All are bugs that help suck the life out of your plants. There are diferent types of treatments that can really help with controlling the population.